Generally, most people get what they want in life by working hard to achieve it. Still, a good percentage of those who’ve tried without success would likely want to unravel the law of attraction. Cosmic ordering secrets is a training course and manual that’s reportedly helpful on applying certain principles to help one have, do and be anything and everything they desire in life.

Authored by Zoey Knightley, the book claims to help those seeking wealth, love, health and happiness. It’s a step-by-step guide to getting the things one wants from lifestyle by shifting their attitude within their desired procedure. It allegedly alters one’s thought processes to enable them tune their mind the right way and point their internal compass towards a certain direction.


Though this program doesn’t claim to magically cure all lifestyle ailments, it provides

  • Practical strategies on achieving success!
  • Techniques on lifestyle improvements that are both convenient and user-friendly!
  • It follows a natural method that doesn’t come with any side effects!

The book is also relatively affordable, with three bonus guides that go towards enhancing its value. The author also offers a 60-day trial period in which one could put the guide into practice. If they find it ineffective or impractical, they could simply demand a full refund.


Cosmic Ordering Secret is a training course to help people fully unleash the full energy of the universe along with its cosmic glory. It’s mainly comprised of many ideas on self-improvement ideas along with motivational talks. The book goes into detail about personal developments to alter lifestyle and improve one’s mindset in a space of several days.

The manual shows its followers on utilizing positive intelligence that’s required to realize lifestyle gains. It mainly revolves around teaching people how they should think to attract what they desire. Also outlined are the subtle discrepancies that make the difference between success and failure, and how to apply the law of attraction practices.

This program shows the reader what positive desires they hold and how to start living with new positivity, relaxation, success and happiness. There are also suggested changes to one’s life that will enable them enjoy themselves on the road to success. Practicing the said concepts will enable them become a happier person and fulfill their wishes.

There are step-by-step modules that one could easily follow in their everyday life. With this guide, they could focus on whatever matters most to them and draw more of it into their life. As such, Cosmic Ordering Secrets can be considered as a manual on the application of certain principles to self-actualization.

More specifically, some of the main things include proper placement of one’s Cosmic Order for faster results, how to do affirmations correctly and breaking free from scarcity in life. It also details more than 20 emotions that one should avoid in order to facilitate proper communication with the universe. There are also techniques on strengthening love to help the person sync up with the tune of the universe.

The author also illustrates on using the guide to fully unlock one’s creativity. She also argues why burning desires could come in the way of an individual’s success along with her opinion on drug and alcohol use when manifesting their yearnings.

The book also outlines the role of one’s conscious, subconscious and supra-conscious mind in Cosmic Ordering. It also shows how to find one’s soul mate and getting the best relationship. Also included in the package are three bonuses comprised of a dietary guide, vanquishing energy blocks and a compilation of ideas on what to ask for.


From this program, one could achieve higher success in fulfilling their desires in a fast, easy manner. It also teaches on transforming one’s focus and tuning their desires on various levels. There are also techniques on tricking the user’s subconscious mind into becoming more appealing.

The guide also claims that it could teach one how to attract almost any life desire and proper communication with the universe. Readers are also taught on permanently getting rid of anxiety, fear, doubt and depression. This enables them shift into abundance and magnifies their sentiments of love.


For the best results to be achieved, this book requires cooperation, commitment and patience from the user. As such, it would be of no help to those seeking quick results. Currently, Cosmic Ordering Secret is only available in digital form as an eBook, which is exclusively downloadable from the official website. Those who cannot use digital books for any reason as well as those without a reliable internet connection cannot benefit from it.

Overall, Cosmic Ordering Secret is a guide that could prove useful for those who’ve tried other strategies without success. The author doesn’t guarantee that it will work for everyone. Still, feedback from those who’ve tried it claim that most of it methods work as claimed.